Company History

Ernasoft is a software/Hardware company. It has 3 branches in Austria,Iran and Germany.


The branch of Iran has started its activity from Dec 1998 and Austria from Jun 1998.The company's working fields are software and hardware

Software Field

Programming in different fields for different companies using Visual C++, Visual Basic, VBA, Visual FoxPro, SQL Server, Access and


Hardware Field

Sailing computers and hardware devices, Supporting, installing Network and troubleshooting.


The company operates in the fields of management consulting, internet services and software technology originally founded in the early nineties.


The outcome is a blend of many years of experience in consulting and services with excellent know how in these areas.


Within our areas of competence we create value add by putting your plans into action ("services") based on our knowledge ("consulting") using both our own as well as external standards ("products").



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